"Conceived in the mind of the designer", fashion sketches are illustrations which portray the designers true creative genius.  
They are considered to be the blueprint of the final product.  

Fashion designers draw schematics that convey their design ideas to the garment makers.  These figures or sketches are
known as Croquis which means "sketch" in French.  

Thousands of fashion sketches are produced before the perfect outfit is created.  The sketch has to accurately portray the
vision of the designer or else the final product will be ruined.  The designer is an artist so achieving perfection in sketches is a
prerequisite because the sketch is often the main marketing tool of fashion professionals.

The fashion sketches also serve as the preliminary designs that have to be taken to different apparel manufacturers in the

The art of making  high quality design sketches is important to a designer for creating a niche in the highly competitive fashion
industry.  Fashion designers can quickly make their presence felt if their sketches are different and original.  This is key to
establishing a firm reputation in the fashion world.  Brush up and perfect your technique.

Below are samples of both professional and design student sketches from past and present eras.

At The Michigan Fashion House we are always searching                                                                                                         
for talented young designers to join our organization and promote in the fashion industry.  

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