More important than what they dress the model in, these Top 10 Stylists dictate what fashion is. With careful thought about
which piece should be put together with which outfit and which item should stay on the rack,  this group has the power to make
or break a designer’s collection. With that kind of power this list deserves HOT SHEET attention.

Brana Wolf
With a career spanning two decades to this day Brana remains someone to watch. Working with the Lens King, Steven Meisel
on countless Italian Vogue masterpieces, as well as teaming up with the best photographers in the business, Ms. Wolf helps
keep the Harper's Bazaar magazine as one of the staple brands in the fashion world.  

Carine Roitfield
Having had her hand in laying the ground work for Gucci’s brilliant transformation and now holding court at the American
Vogue, Carine is one of the few that can style a shoot like no other with a simple nod and a hand gesture without ever leaving
her seat.

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele
Bigger than any magazine she has worked with or her portfolio of legendary work with the top photographers in the business,
Carlyne, herself is the embodiment of style. As those who have worked with her can attest, she continually inspires all to “bring
something” of themselves to every shoot.

Edward Enninful
Italian Vogue, Japanese Vogue, and of course his post at iD magazine have allowed Edward to opportunity to collaborate with
the best photographers in the business while still cultivating today’s hottest talent, leading to the most memorable images time
and time again.

Grace Coddington
Model turned fashion guru; Grace proves that some things just continue to get better with time. Having the position as the
Creative Director at the industry’s top Fashion Magazine should say it all, but Ms. Coddington continually sets the standard of
what it means to be at the top for your game.

Joe McKenna
With the ability to change with the times Joe has been a constant success in the business. Having served as Creative Director
for the top fashion houses over the span of his career, Joe continues to break all the rules in an unbelievably lavish
fashion…just check out a copy of the coveted Joe’s Magazine.

Karl Templer
Whether it is working with Fabien Baron for Hugo Boss or shooting with Mert and Marcus for W, or any other of his many
collaborations for that matter, Karl turns it out like no other. Just walk into any studio he is working in and take a look at his set
up, many a stylist should be so prepared.

Katie Grand
At this point in her career Katie has accomplished what take most a lifetime to and she is just getting warmed up. Vuitton,
Prada , Calvin all have tapped Katie to work her magic. Undeniably talented, you may look forward many more years of her
Grand style.

Monica Dolfini
The ruling fashion editor at the new Flare Monica has continually out does herself issue after issue elevating her to ranking
with the best in the industry. As the publication grows one should expect great things from this Italian based fashionista.

Patricia Field
Having brought fashion to masses like no other Patricia Field’s work on “Sex in the City” had everyone waiting to see what Ms.
Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing next. Pat continues to push the envelope of what is ‘fashion’ and America keeps on eating
it up.



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